Separate Owner Accounts

We provide our clients with separate owner accounts, this enables us to ensure that all funds are secure including the Security Deposit. Each month our owners can expect a financial packet.


Upon setup of your account or at anytime should you choose to go paperless we would be delighted to have your packets sent via EMAIL.

Owners will receive the following information, and as stated before each client will have customized services so all may not apply to you, or you may require additional services.

  • Monthly statement, which will show rents collected.

  • Bills paid out, examples including but not limited to water and trash.

  • Mortgages, some clients like to use their rental income and have our team pay their mortgage directly for them. 

  • A copy of the previous months bank statement.

We also provide our clients, with year end statements for taxes, as well as 1099 all vendors per tax code.